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The Aquasource system is a modular rainwater utilisation system, designed to allow the use of rainwater for non-drinking purposes. The Aquasource system automatically supplies rainwater as the first source for areas in the home that do not require potable water, such as toilets and laundry useby using rainwater as the first source with mains water only as a back-up service this system can lead to substantial savings in water and the costs associated withusing mains water.

Aquasouce top viewAquasource is a system that selects rainwater when available, switches to mains water if the tank is empty and then reverts to rainwater after the tank fills. The Aquasource modular system uses specifically designed rainwater tanks a submersible pump for low noise running and a controller and interconnect valve housed on top of the tank.


With a high flow rate, matching equipment and automatic water source changeover features, the Aquasource system is designed to offer the most cost efficient means of supplying water to areas of the home that do not require drinking water.


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Aquasource interconnect valve